Naturopathic Medicine

As a Naturopathic physician I base my practice of medicine on six timeless principles founded on medical tradition and scientific evidence.

1) Healing Power of Nature. Our bodies have an innate and powerful ability to heal themselves. Naturopaths assist patients by identifying obstacles to their bodies ability to heal itself and instructing patients on how to remove the obstacle.

2) Identify & Treat the Cause. The approach of a Naturopath is to look past the symptoms of a particular disease to identify the root cause of the illness and to aim treatment at this root cause.

3) First, Do No Harm. Naturopaths follow several ideas to ensure the safety of their patients. Naturopaths prefer to use non-invasive therapies which minimize the risk of side effects. When possible Naturopaths avoid suppressing symptoms, which are the body’s attempts to heal itself. Another way Naturopaths ensure their patients safety is to develop customized treatments for each patient with the understanding that everyone heals uniquely.

4) Educate patients. Naturopathic doctors aim to teach their patients how to establish the building blocks to health- such as good nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, relaxation – and the importance of nuturing emotional and spiritual health. Naturopaths encourage self-responsibility in their patients healing journey.

5) Treat the whole person. Naturopaths treat each individual by taking into account their mental, emotional and spiritual health, as well as social environment and genetic makeup, because all of these factors affect an individual’s health and well-being.

6) Illness Prevention and Wellness attainment. This principle is one of the most important and active tenants. Naturopathic physicians evaluate risk factors, heredity and vulnerability to disease as well as helping patients to establish their building blocks to health. They aim all treatment at attainment of optimal health and thus prevention of future illness.

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